About The British Ski Center

The "BSC" is Sierra Nevada's ONLY dedicated English ski school.

BSC offers a personalised service focused in particular on the "English-speaking" clientele visiting Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada is a unique resort in that it has around 20 independent ski schools. The Spanish Ski School, (Escuela Española de Esqui), was the original to be established in 1962. Since then, individuals or groups of instructors have peeled away and set up for themselves.

Spanish instructors are generally qualified via the Spanish ski federation, "Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno", (RFEDI).

In spite of the numbers of ski schools in Sierra Nevada, the number of good English speaking instructors is pretty thin on the ground to cater for the numbers of English-speaking visitors. Native English instructors are even more scarce. For this reason, Giles & Jonathan joined forces in 2002 and "British Ski Center" (BSC) was born.

British Ski Center grew enough to later become a registered limited company in October 2006. The business is since registered as "Sierra Essence Ski and Mountain Center 2006 S.L." as a legitimate entity dedicated to the instruction of winter snow sports.

A Little Pre-History:

glb jdb240pxGiles has worked consecutive seasons in Sierra Nevada since the winter of 1996/7. Since December of 1998 he has worked as a ski instructor.

Giles's ski experience stretches back to 1982, when he first started as a child on family holidays in the small Spanish Pyrenean resort, Panticosa, close to Formigal, one of Spains' largest ski domains.

In November 1991 he lived and worked for a year in the French resort chain, Serre Chevalier gaining a lot ski experience with the locals there.

Three years later, in 1995, he started working for the Ski Operator, Neilson, which subsequently introduced him to Sierra Nevada where he was sent as resort manager for 2 seasons. A great part of the job was his duty as a Ski Guide. It was here that he met Jonathan and with contacts with the local ski schools here, the tempting notion of ski instructing became ever more prominent.

Three years on he qualified as a ski instructor with the Escuela Española de Esqui here in Sierra Nevada and has since successfully completed a series of training courses through the Spanish ski federation, RFEDI, (Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno), until in April 2003 he successfully completed the top level "Diplomado" instructor qualification, and more recently denominated "Técnico Deportivo de Deportes de Invierno 2".

This dream come true has provided Giles with a great sense of purpose and motivation, not only for instructing but also in using his knowledge and experience to help those who are less familiar with the ski and mountain scene. It is rare for someone to find a "job" that they thoroughly adore and live for, but he is now one of those people!

Giles's business partner and good friend, Jonathan, has also worked numerous consecutive seasons as ski instructor in Sierra Nevada since 1991, 11 of them with the Escuela Internacional de Esqui.

His ski experience also goes back many years and includes a 6 year stint living and working in the Italian resort of Sauze d'Oulx. He too has successfully completed several training courses with the same ski federation, RFEDI, and has been qualified as "Diplomado" instructor since 2001.

When Giles and Jonathan met, it soon became evident to them both that but combining resources, they were able to not only create an independent busniess for themselves but offer a unique service to the English speaking visitor in Sierra Nevada.

Teaching skiing and snowboarding is not just about getting you to the bottom of the ski run. Safety is always the biggest concern of the instructor. Secondly comes your personal enjoyment. If you can't enjoy the sport, they see little reason for doing it!

With this in mind, in each class that they and their team give, the following princiapl views are taken:

  • You are on holiday.
  • You are here to enjoy yourself.
  • You want to return in one piece!

The team of instructors will explain and demonstrate the essential techniques required for skiing/snowboarding in a caring manner, (without shouting or yelling impatiently), aiding you to reach your OWN personal goals instead of solely their own.

All instructors are personally hand picked with these vital characteristics in mind as well as ensuring the highest levels of English speaking possible. In this way you will be able to appreciate the incredible fascination and exhilaration of what they personally consider to be an ultimate winter pastime.

Please do not hesitate to contact or call on (+34) 646 178406 / (+34) 629 540089 for any further information you may require.

For full contact and location details Click Here.

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