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  • Accommodation & Tuition Enquiries for Winter 2017-18

    The vast majority of self-catering apartments don´t release their rates or accept bookings until November for the upcoming season. Many of the hotels do not release rates until the Autumn either. As such, there are just a few options we can give you now. As we are "out of season" our response rate will be much slower. We intend to respond to any enquiries on a weekly basis. Most accommodation options nowadays offer a "flexible" tariff which allows future modifications and/or cancelations. We can generally compete very well with alternative options found elsewhere and so would urge you to consider this so that when more options open themselves up to us you may well be able to take advantage of a better deal later in the autumn. Ski tuition enquiries will be responded to from the beginning of November although please do send in your requirements as soon as you know them in order to be responded to in priority of latter enquiries! Provisional rates for 2017-18 are now posted on our...

Lift Pass Office

In "Plaza de Andalucia", the central square of the Sierra Nevada ski resort, with the sign "TAQUILLAS".

You must buy your lift pass before using any lifts. Open 08.00 - 16.30 every day. On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 17.00 - 20.30 you can buy lift pass(es) for the next day.

Pre-booking your pass can save you time, hassle and queueing which could ultimately delay you significantly in getting onto the slopes!

ski pass office 2The Ticket office located in the top car-park (Los Peñones) is open to the public between 08.30 and 14.00 only when the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift is functioning.

See here for this season's rates

You will be charged a refundable 3.00€ per lift pass.

The lift pass system works in a way that you do not have to physically show your pass at every lift.

Instead, keep it in a left-hand pocket, zipped up, and it is automatically detected by sensors at each lift which will then allow passage via a turnstyle.

Photos are now only required for season passes, for which they are equipped with a digital camera to take your photo there and then. This is then digitally transferred onto your lift pass.

At the end of your stay, there are a number of blue machines located around the resort and at the lift pass office whereby, on inserting your lift pass, you will be refunded your 3.00€.

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