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  • 23/04/2017.....Farewell 2016-17!

    After a spectacular start to the winter season which effectively guaranteed the whole season ahead, Sierra Nevada will be closing the lifts down for this year as of 3pm this afternoon. The Winter Season of 2016-17 has officially been declared as the most successful campaign in recent years contributed initially by the fantastic snowcover received at the beginning of season, the consistently superior piste maintenance work and a natural influx in ski visitors. With the end of season due to finish next Sunday 30th, the decision to close early has been one of great consideration and due to basic safety concerns with the unusually high temperatures and lack of precipitation for the time of year, the resort management company have assessed the impossibility to maintain the slopes in adequate conditions for another week. We sincerely thank all our clients and anyone else who has benefited from our services this season and wish you all a very happy summer!

Resort Rep.

pinguinalulu-the-union-tuxSierra Essence employs a resort representative to be present in resort and attend to client arrivals for self-catering units as well as assisting any of our clients with any issues relating to their stay whether for simple translation and orientation purposes or resolving accommodation issues etc. For a business that operates essentially in a very "virtual" manner through web and email communications, the resort representative is effectively one of Sierra Essence's physical faces that promotes our client's general experience of the resort.

The type of person we would be looking for is someone with few ties, flexible of mind and experienced in communicating with the general public. An organised person who will work side by side with Sierra Essence's administrators in ensuring a smooth operation and enhance the overall experience for our clients. Free time is generated according to how well organised you are and thus potentially allowing plenty of time for playing on the slopes.

This is essentially a part-time position with little routine which can be combined with other jobs where finances may dictate. The job will give you a first hand insight into the workings of a ski resort, introduce you to many new and interesting people, help boost your Spanish language skills whilst at the same time allowing plenty of time to enjoy the slopes!

All applicants should include an up to date copy of their CV for our reference.

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